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2018-06-09 09:56:38
10 Signs You May Not Be Drinking Enough Water especially in the Desert areas such as Rancho Mirage, La Quinta & Palm Springs

Water makes up sixty percent of your body weight. Although there is recent scientific evidence showing that people may not necessarily need the eight glasses of water a day, there are still numerous health reasons to continue drinking plenty of water. The following are signs you may not be getting enough water every day:

10 Signs You May Not Be Drinking Enough Water

  1. Dry Mouth – Most people have experienced a dry mouth feeling, but before you reach for that soda to quench your thirst, know that sugary drinks will only be a temporary fix and you will soon feel thirsty once again. It is important to drink water in order to keep the mucus membranes in your mouth and throat lubricated, and enable saliva to be produced. Saliva is needed for a multiple of reasons like neutralizing acids, protecting the mouth against ulcers and sores, and assisting with eating and speaking. 

    Dry mouth is also a very common problem in the elderly, due to prescription medicines. If you are experiencing dry mouth with medication, be sure to advise your physician. There may be an alternative medication you can take or your doctor may be able to adjust your medication.
  2. Alligator Skin – Dry skin can be another sign of dehydration, which can be caused by a lack of water and an excess intake of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol dehydrates the entire body. It not only can cause dry mouth but also dry, flaky skin. Drinking plenty of water can also help with preventing breakouts. Even if you are experiencing oily skin, you can still be dehydrated, because dehydration is a sign of lack of water that your body has, not the lack of oil it produces.
  3. Dry Eyes – Being dehydrated can also have an effect on your eyes. It can cause the tear ducts in your eyes to dry up, as well as cause your eyes to appear bloodshot. If you wear contacts, dry eyes can certainly be a miserable feeling. It’s an important reason to drink plenty of water.
  4. Joint Pain – Water is essential in providing a cushion between joints and keeping your bones from grinding against each other. In fact, the cartilage and spinal discs within your body are made up of about 80% water. It’s important to stay hydrated for bone and joint health.
  5. Loss Of Muscle Mass – Because the muscles in your body are made up of mostly water, it is important you stay hydrated to prevent losing muscle mass. In addition, you should always drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise or physical activity. This will prevent muscle cramps, inflammation and soreness. It can also give you greater endurance as you work out.
  6. Toxicity – Drinking plenty of water helps rid your body of toxins. As the organs in your body work to filter out toxins, they need to stay hydrated in order to work properly. If your body begins to be dehydrated, your organs will start to pull water from stored areas in your body, such as your blood. This can lead to health problems, since your body is not able to sufficiently flush toxins from your body.
  7. Lack Of Stamina – When you are dehydrated, you tend to feel fatigued and lethargic. This is because your body will take water from where it can find it. Without the proper fluids flowing through the bloodstream, the body is not able to carry oxygen to your brain. This can lead to fatigue and lack of energy. You must hydrate with plenty of water in order to feel healthy and energetic.
  8. Hunger – If you wake up feeling like you need a midnight snack, it may be because you are actually dehydrated. Drinking water will help put the body through a cleansing process as it purifies the system. However, if you choose to satisfy your overnight cravings with food instead, you actually make your body work harder by trying to digest the food while you .
  9. Constipation – Not only do you need to get an adequate amount of fiber in your diet and plenty of exercise to prevent constipation, water is essential to help with digestion and moving food through the intestines. When you become dehydrated, you can experience constipation, which can lead to many other problems.
  10. Premature Aging – One of the best anti-aging secrets you will find is drinking water. Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water helps prevent your skin from becoming dry, tight and flaky. It also keeps your skin supple, resilient and less prone to wrinkling. Additionally, not only can staying hydrated significantly stave off signs of aging on the outside, but it can also prevent internal aging as well.

So how much water should you be drinking? The Institute of Medicine’s Food and Nutrition Board recommends that women need 91 ounces daily of water from foods and drink, and men should consume 125 ounces. Instead of grabbing a soda, grab a bottle of water so you can look and feel healthier.

By  Stacy Williams

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